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It is estimated there are over 145,000 people in Essex providing care for a relative or friend. Carers do an amazing job, and have the right to be supported. You do not have to wait until you are struggling or there is a crisis before you ask for support. The earlier you get help, the more difference it can make.  

  Find out what support we provide in Essex by visiting our Services pages or contact us to talk about your caring situation.

Friends Against Scams

Essex County Council Trading Standards are encouraging residents and their families to become Scam aware.  Unfortunately, increasing numbers of people are becoming victim to a variety of scams that tend to target the elderly and vulnerable. 

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New "My Navigator" tool for carers

Carers FIRST launches an exciting new on-line tool for carers...

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Upcoming Events

Essex Events

Halstead Carers Support Group

The group provides an opportunity for Carers to meet together to socialise and build friendships, to gain peer support a...

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Care to Chat

peer led support group - led by carers and former carers, staff visit every 2 or 3 months...

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Frinton and Walton Carers Wellbeing Group

Our Wellbeing Group provides an opportunity to meet other carers who may be experiencing similar caring situations, buil...

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