Please find below e-bulletins sent out to carers. These bulletins are filled with information on groups/activities which are run by Carers FIRST and other local organisations, as well as local news/updates. Feel free to view bulletins from all areas as they may include information relevant to all carers no matter where you live.

North East Essex

April 2019 Carers Wellbeing Groups, Dementia Friends Coffee Morning and My Navigator

March 2019 Caring Confidently, Dementia Information Hub and Carers Surgery Dates

Mid Essex

April 2019 Carers Heart Project, Carers Wellbeing Group and CV Workshop

March  2019 Carers Heart Project, Peer Support and Friends Against Scams

South Essex

April 2019 Caring Confidently, Afternoon Chat and Carers Support Hub

January 2019 Tea Dance, Dementia Friendly Community Garden and Walk this Way

West Essex

April 2019 Bereavement Cafe, Men in Sheds and Herts Meals

March 2019 Telephone Surgeries, Lasting Power of Attorney and Dementia Cafe