How do I get a support worker for my husband (schizophrenia+drink problem)?

How do I get a support worker for my husband (schizophrenia+drink problem)?
Thu May 30, 2019 21:03 PM
I would have thought it straightforward. However, when we saw G's long-term psychiatrist two weeks ago, I explained, what I have been saying for years, that G's presenting problem is drink. Dr X did not seem to think that 3/4 pints per day would meet the very high bar needed for him to get help, but could see that it was a grim financial situation for me, as a pensioner. G at present gets PIP, but this may not continue, (pending review one year early) and I could not make up the shortfall from my pension, G is also pretty much non-functioning, in that goes at least three times a day to the pub opposite, only briefly, as in top-up drinking. I go the the gym and language groups, +on-line courses, not a pub goer.

I have tried CMHT. Port of Call, I got G an appointment at Addaction today. He would not blow into the breathalyser, so the worker would not deal with him. I rang Adult Social Care today about support workers, they said that at 64 he is not old enough, and they don't deal with mental illness or drink. (I have emailed customer services about this). He doesn't know any GPs at the medical practice, who might for a fee write a referral letter for a support worker, so he is not keen to go.

Is anyone else in a similar position?
Re: How do I get a support worker for my husband (schizophrenia+drink problem)?
Fri May 31, 2019 09:56 AM
Hello Kyberpast

I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having in getting support for your husband. It sounds like a very worrying situation for you. If you are already registered with Carers First, you can call our Carers Hub on 0300 303 1555 and we can book you an appointment with one of our Community Support Workers who can talk through your concerns and advise accordingly. If you are not yet registered, again, please call the Carers Hub and we will take the information we need to register you so you can access all the services we offer.

Thank you for posting on our forum. We hope to hear from you again soon.

Catherine at CarersFIRST
Re: How do I get a support worker for my husband (schizophrenia+drink problem)?
Sat Jun 1, 2019 21:10 PM

I will ring on Monday when he has gone out drinking in the morning. I attend the Skegness Social group, but that is generic, no-one else dealing with mental illness. Situation grim here, he has just borrowed £15 as has run out of funds, thus meaning about £80 per week going on drink.

He was annoyed when he came back from the pub when Adult social care rang instead of emailing so I will not want to talk if he is there.