The Carers Week charities work with carers across the country and listen to what is important to carers and their families, and what they need from the people, organisations and services in their lives.

Carers say they want to live in communities that both support them to care well and be healthy themselves, to be able to work if they want to, and to have a life of their own outside their caring role. They want to be treated as individuals with their own health and wellbeing needs, and not only as a carer of someone else.

There are lots of ways organisations and invidivuals can take part and support Carers Week. For example:


Nearly half of carers work, alongside caring. To combine the two, carers need to be able to rely on good quality, flexible health and care services. They also need to have an understanding employer and flexible working arrangements.

Carers should be able to work in an environment that supports them. This can be achieved through formal policies and procedures, or informal arrangements with the support and understanding of colleagues and managers.

Use Carers Week to let your employees know what you're already doing to help them manage the strain of caring alongside work. It's also the perfect opportunity to launch something new.

Visit the Carers week site for more information and ideas >>>


Carers are key partners in managing the care needs of the people they look after. That’s not all: carers also form a hugely significant group of patients who need particular support to look after their own health.

From simple one-off actions to ongoing commitments, there are all kinds of ways for health services to recognise carers’ role, involve and consult them about the treatment of the person they care for, and help them look after their own health at the same time.

Use Carers Week as the opportunity to celebrate the carer friendly practice that’s already taking place and kick-start new measures!

Visit the Carers week site for more information and ideas >>>


Visit the Carers Week website and take a look at the wall of pledges which contains pledges of support from organisations, politicians, carers and many more. 

Add your pledge to say what will you do to recognise, support and celebrate carers?